As of June 3rd 2016, I have suspended my campaign for Congress

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Julian's Story

Julian Subick is a 2015 graduate of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. During his tenure at the university, Julian devoted his studies to the relationship between agriculture and the environment, coming to appreciate the delicate balance opposing forces could find.

Upon graduation, Julian set off on a cross country road trip --- gaining a new appreciation for the natural beauty of this country, as well as the vibrancy of the people who make it the greatest nation in the world. But Julian’s trip also highlighted for him the dangers of an unbalanced system, in this case, the American political system. Left in gridlock from a toxic culture of party politics and political discord, the American everyman is suffering. Over the course of his journey, Julian encountered Americans from across every walk of life, every background, and every political affiliation. From these conversations, he came to realize the values that we all hold dear, regardless of party affiliation: a fair and democratic electoral process, legislation founded on reason and common sense, and a government that works for the common man, instead of the elite class.

The Subick campaign is rooted in conversation and common ground. Julian’s fair mindedness and independence allow him to unite the best ideas from across the political spectrum to advocate for the everyman. He works for government as it was meant to be: of the people, for the people.


Drug Policy || Agriculture & Food Systems || Education || Foreign Policy || Political Reforms || Environment

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Campaign Suspended

As of today, June 3rd 2016, I am suspending my campaign for Congress. After several months of campaigning, I now realize that this is not the right time for me to implement this idea. I ambitiously took on a large…

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Kickoff Event on 3/18 Julian addressed a crowd of early supporters at New Leaf Initiative and formally entered the race!  

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